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Executive Director

Job Summary:

Provide leadership and governance to Lighthouse Youth Center that is consistent with our Statement of Purpose, values, and by-laws.


Plan, organize, and direct the organization's fundraising, operations, and programs

Report on the organization's results to the Board of Directors

Required Personal Beliefs / Demonstrated Behaviors

• Have a vital Christian experience with a teachable attitude and a servant's heart

• Invest time in study and reflection to ensure continued personal growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ

• Demonstrate a desire and commitment to share the Good News of Jesus Christ

• Feel a sense of calling to youth ministry with appropriate gifts and talents to relate to both youth and co-workers

• Demonstrate the ability to connect with, relate to and build rapport and trust with the children who participate in our activities and programs

• Agree with the Statement of Purpose and organizational philosophies of how the Lighthouse approaches ministry to unchurched youth.

Primary Responsibilities

Under the direction of the Board of Directors, guide our organization forward by overseeing all operational, financial, and programmatic aspects of the organization.

Administrative responsibilities include preparing accurate financial reports for the Board of Directors, leading staff, and facilitating annual budget reviews.

Development responsibilities include leading fund raising and community engagement to ensure we achieve annual fundraising and youth engagement goals.

Oversee program manager whose responsibilities include designing and deploying programs and activities; recruiting and nurturing our volunteer base to continuously build our capabilities to deliver future successes.


Specific Job Duties & Responsibilities

1. Planning & Governance

a. Propose short-term and long-term goals for approval by the Board of Directors

b. Initiate development of policies and protocols to ensure smooth operation of the center.

c. Oversee and coordinate actions of all standing committees.

2. Team Management

a. Assist the Personnel Committee of the Board in recruiting and leading other paid staff.

b. Provide job and personal development coaching for paid staff.

c. Provide introductory training for all paid staff and interns.

d. Continuously recruit diverse and qualified volunteers to ensure effective delivery of all center programs.

e. Conduct weekly meetings with paid staff for general communication, planning/coordinating programs, resolving issues, and providing encouragement, training, and prayer.

3. Facility Management

a. Oversee maintenance of the facility and all equipment.

b. Coordinate and prioritize work of the janitor and maintenance assistant to ensure a safe, clean facility and proper maintenance of all equipment.

c. Maintain sufficient inventory of all necessary equipment and supplies.

4. Program Management Oversight

a. Ensure that program offerings and activities are dynamic enough reach, attract, engage, and retain youth at targeted levels.

b. Ensure staff are investing time consistently with the youth in our programs to build rapport & trust and collect feedback on program impact & effectiveness.

c. Ensure program team is making direct outreach to youth on the streets, in schools, and at the youth center.


5. Public Relations / Community Outreach

a. Establish and maintain strong working relationships with officials in school district and local government as well as other leaders of local NP organizations.

b. Consistently share youth success stories to build stakeholder support and understanding.

c. Develop and launch new ways to keep the community, local businesses and churches informed about all of Lighthouse's activities.

d. Solicit businesses, churches, and the community at large for financial support, volunteer engagement and supplies donation.

6. Financial Administration/ Fundraising

a. Prepare an annual budget for review and approval by the Board of Directors

b. Lead annual budget reviews and quarterly financial reviews

c. Cultivate and maintain a regular financial support base.

d. Plan for fundraisers, capital campaigns and other activities to gain financial resources for Lighthouse.

e. Coordinate with Lighthouse Treasurer to ensure timely processing of bills, deposits, taxes, and bank reconciliations using QuickBooks.

f. Prepare accurate and timely analyses to communicate fundraising results, variances, and performance trends.

g. Ensure that fundraising activities and cash management are sufficient to meet or exceed strategic goals and objectives.

Required Skills & Qualifications

• Proven leadership experience in a non-profit organization, community organization or similar role

• Track record of success leading fundraising initiatives

• Knowledge and experience in volunteer recruitment, engagement, and encouragement

• Strong financial acumen and demonstrated ability to build financial reviews and forecasts for the board of directors

• Relevant training and/or certifications as a Non-Profit Executive Director

Physical Demands

• Prolonged periods sitting at a desk and working on a computer.

• Ability to sit, stand, walk, reach, and climb stairs

• Ability to lift and move equipment weighing up to 50 pounds

Employment Terms & Job Expectations

• Executive Director shall be:

      o Appointed by the Board of Directors

      o Directly responsible to the Board Chairperson

      o Reviewed annually by the Personnel Committee

      o On "Employment at Will" terms, but the Board of Directors will request a minimum of 30-days advance notice of resignation and, in return, promises the incumbent at least 30 days advance notice (or pay in lieu of notice) for any Lighthouse driven separation of employment

• Incumbent should expect to spend an average of 45 - 50 hours per week
working on Lighthouse related activities

• Salary: $60,000 - $80,000, based on qualifications and work experience

• Due to the breadth and complexity of the Executive Director role, Lighthouse expects that this job will be the incumbent's sole vocational focus. Any outside employment must be reviewed and approved in advance by the Board of Directors

• Continuing education requests for the Executive Director will be considered by the Board of Directors, but must be approved in advance


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