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Shine the light and love of Jesus Christ
to Oxford area youth.


Change the world through Jesus Christ...

one child at a time


About Us

The Lightouse Youth Center is a para-church organization that reaches youth ages 9-18 with the message of the Good News of Jesus Christ. We strive to have a positive Christian impact in each person's life.  


The Lighthouse Youth Center began in 1988 with a vision of many concerned citizens of the Oxford community. Their goal was to be a friend and share the love of Jesus Christ with youth in the Oxford Area. 


Our first director and volunteer staff welcomed the young people of Oxford to our game room and snack bar in the storefront district of Oxford. 


On March 3, 2015 the Lighthouse opened its doors in a brand new facility located a few blocks from the first building. The new facility can serve more youth, and facilitate more programs. 


The Lighthouse ministry continues to have a positive impact in the Oxford community by expanding our youth programs and blessing as many youth as we can. 

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